Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So we have done it, jumped on to the food blogging bandwagon. Oh and what a delicious bandwagon it is.
About us: A boyfriend (alex) and girlfriend (sarah-presently speaking) duo, one an aspiring pharmacy student, the other an aspiring nursing student, newly living together and trying to navigate this whole making all of your food for yourself buisness. And not living on ramen. Though I do LOVE ramen.
A few disclaimers:
1. We are not chef's by any means but we love to eat. A lot!
2. We are also not photographers and do not have fancy cameras, but we will try to make this as aesthetically pleasing as we can.
That being said read our blog!! And to start your december off right we have included a picture of our LOVELY x-mas tree Chaz. That tree is one cool dude.


  1. Okay I have to say that Chaz rocks! Love the hat tree topper. I will be an advid follower of this blog but I am the mom of the aspiring nursing student:)

  2. Hurrah!! we have a follower. You are the first vocal one at least. New blogs are quiet places indeed