Friday, December 4, 2009

Cheery! Yet exhausted...

It is early, and Alex and I have been managing on six or less hours of sleep for about a week now, and I am a person that NEEDS sleep. It seems to me that there is this black hole at the end of every semester where the days loose an hour or so and you gain an extra five hours of stuff to get done. I always end up sort of treading water for the last two weeks. There is a silver lining however.

We have an advent calendar that I got last year and I stuffed it with mini candy canes. Generally I am not really a fan of any candy that can't be chewed, I don't really have the patience to suck on anything so I always end up biting down and invariably I get hurt in the process. Its just not pleasant. I discovered a few years ago that when plunked into my coffee candy canes do not pose this particular problem and therefore I am better able to enjoy them. It's one of those little things during this time of year that reminds me that despite being crazed I am in theory supposed to be enjoying the season and taking a little time to be merry.

Now, if you are going to try this I have two suggestions-

The first is to also use eggnog as your creamer. I know, this is horrible so far as health goes (trust me, in pre-nursing class all they do is tell you how awful you are treating your's a real problem as some of the things I enjoy, such as candy and eggnog in my coffee...) but to compromise I use lowfat nogg. Because that makes it healthy. It just tastes so christmassy with the peppermint and the nutmeg flavors all mixed together!!

The second is not to stir the coffee too much. If you just give it a quick stir and let the cane dissolve as you drink it you get this little pocket of candy cane goodness at the bottom. The sad thing is that this one sip of candy cane has been the highlight of my day for the past four mornings...

Anyhow, I am off to volunteer at the hospital which is sort of a love/hate endeavor. I love being there and around everything, but I rarely get to do anything cool so I sort of just stare longingly at the nurses as they work and oogle all of the nursing students that are doing there clinicals. It's getting embarrassing. I have a feeling that when people see me coming the mumble "oh god the staring girl" under their breath. The upshot is that I do get to spend a lot of time talking to patients as I discharge them which is nice, and I push people in wheelchairs and get to wear a badge, both things that make me feel official.

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