Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I've got somthin' for your punk A**

This weekend we began the process of infusing our own Vodka. I know, fancy huh? I used to work at a restaurant in downtown San Jose where my step-dad was one of the bartenders and they had these huge glass containers with infused vodka in them. I was underage at the time and never had the good fortune of tasting the Vodka's but they were so incredibly beautiful. And, judging by what a good time everyone always had in the bar/lounge area I was, even in my underage innocence, able to infer that contents of those giant glass jars were well worth all of the time and effort. As I have gotten older and have actually been able to actually drink vodka I have discovered for myself just how delicious a good infused Vodka can be, so when I saw in Martha Stewarts most recent magazine just how easy it can be to infuse vodka I was determined to make my own DARN IT! So we did.

While our dinner was cooking on Saturday Alex and I went to work filtering and infusing our fist batch of vodka.

We are not the richest people on this planet so we decided to go for the cheap bottle of vodka (think plastic) and run it through our Brita a few times to take the edge off it a bit. I tend to be the penny pincher around here as well as the less discerning alcohol drinker so I of course though this was an AWESOME idea (it was also my idea, and I often think my ideas are rather good, even if others do not agree) but Alex was skeptical. In the end though he had to admit that while our filtered vodka was no grey goose, it was a way smoother than it had been before we filtered it. For those of you with the means spring for the good stuff, I am sure that it would be well worth the money if you've got it.

While the vodka dripped happily through our bright pink Brita Alex chopped, diced, peeled and smooshed. We decided to make three flavors; lemon lime, pomegranate, and tangerine ginger, which we have since been referring to as Gingerine, and everytime I say it I laugh just a little too gleefully. Anyway, he simply peeled the ginger and chopped it up. The citrus we sliced into rounds and thin wedges which has a really lovely effect. The pomegranate however was slightly more complicated as the seeds had to be extracted and mashed up a bit. We actually have little red splash marks in our kitchen now thanks to this process.

I had grabbed some Kerr Jars earlier in the week that we washed out really well, and then filled with the fruits. Once the vodka was smooth enough to pass Alex's drink-ability test we filled the jars up with the vodka, sealed them up tight and popped them into the fridge. They sit there still, staring at me every time I open the door. They have this awful habit of whispering. "No need to study tonight Sarah, who cares about finals" "A vodka and Soda would be delicious right now, no? Perhaps it would make you smarter, help you study?" The odd thing about this is that they have a sort of Antonio Bandaras/Spanish accent thing goin' on. The fact that jars of liquid are speaking to me from my refrigerator is not odd, but the fact that the vodka is Spanish and not Russian, that is what surprises me. I guess it goes with out saying that finals have begun to get to me a bit.
Now all that is left to do is to strain the larger pieces of fruit and drink! We have that slotted for Friday and let me tell you folks I can not wait!! Sometimes the weekend can not come fast enough.

So, for a general outline if anyone wants to try for themselves:
  • Buy Vodka.

  • Decide what fruits and fruit combinations you want to tinker around with and buy the necessary provisions

  • Purchase glass jars with lids (either glass lids or ones that are safe for canning)

  • Turn on some old school Sublime. I don't know why, but for some reason that just seems to be the ultimate music to infuse vodka to.

  • Chop up the fruit and throw it into the jars

  • Fill the jars with your vodka, seal them up and throw in the fridge.

  • Allow the jars to sit from three days to a week, then strain the fruit out of the liquid, and make some delicious cocktails.


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