Monday, December 7, 2009

Bad muffin

I'm here to complain. And to beg for help. I just ate a muffin that I baked last night (with the intention of sharing) and it was not good. It wasn't the worst muffin I have ever had, but it was too dense, and tasted vaguely of sawdust. Here is my dilemma: I love muffins but I just can't seem to make my peace with eating cake masquerading as actual food for breakfast. Well that's a lie. I can't make my peace with eating said cake every morning for a week. As a result I am ALWAYS looking for a halfway decent healthy muffin recipe. I have found a few, which I will tell you about at later date, but there is one kind of muffin that continues to allude me...The bran muffin.

Bran muffins are my favorite of all time. I love their nutty flavor, the coy sweetness of honey, and those hidden plump juicy raisins. MMM.... but when I make them they are always half brick half food, and end up going stale and getting thrown out. And really, is there anything more disappointing that having to throw away baked goods? You are supposed to be in the kitchen three days after you made them mumbling to yourself "I didn't eat all of those muffins did I? I know there has to be one around here somewhere" and then ultimately having to admit that yes, you did in fact eat about a million muffins in just a few days.

Ok, so I realize at this point that as far as I can tell no one is actually reading this (and yet that does not stop me...) but if you are, for god sakes send me a bran muffin recipe! PLEASE.

On that rather desperate note I am off to school. Tonight however there will be cookie baking folks, so get excited. Hopefully they will be amazing enough to make up for the muffin disappointment.

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